It’s Finally Here – Smyths Top Toys For Christmas

Yes it’s finally here… Christmas! It’s been a tough year for everyone, with cutbacks forcing us to rethink our spending patterns. Yet Christmas means toys and a year of saving means bigger and better toys for your kids. Outlined below are the must have toys for 2008.

Keeping this in mind, the recently launched superstore toy chain, Smyths, has begun its predictions of the hottest toys for this year with their own top list of hot toys for Christmas 2008. Smyths has taken into account all the trends, advance orders and customer requests and combined this with 21 years of experience in the toy business to produce the perfect wish list for any kid’s Christmas.

On the top of any boys toy-shopping list is a Ben 10 Action toy. At the moment, the most popular of these toys is the Ben 10 Alien Laboratory Set – fans of the show can’t get enough of this fabulous play set which is modeled on the character’s bus. Open it up to reveal a lab within and create your own Aliens from the reusable clay. This action toy also includes Alien rocks and Animation discs from the Ben 10 cartoon series. For only £27.99, this is a true bargain and the perfect gift for any Ben 10 enthusiast.

Boys will also go crazy for the Bakugan starter pack. Priced at £12.99, this exciting card trading game will keep any child amused and trading crazy creatures for hours. For further hi-tech creature catching thrills, buy the Catcha Beast e-pet game! These exciting games let your reel in digital monsters and swap them with friends. For real-life action and adventure though, nothing beats the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsabre set, which lets every person create their very own realistic sabre for battles with their friends, competitively priced at only £37.99.

We haven’t forgotten about the girls either! The Hannah Montana Secret Pillow lets every little girl keep their own secret diary, having a blast at the same time with the built-in speakers which can connect to any MP3 player. This is the perfect gift for only £19.99. For the little superstar in your life, the High School Musical Sing Together Dolls, complete with their own microphones will transform playtime into karaoke time! Looking for a little puppy toy to play with? The Rescue Pals Swim to Me Puppy will paddle with your little girl during bath time and even comes with his own goggle and towel, a steal at £27.99. For a proper puppy to cuddle, try Fur Real Biscuit – My Lovin’ Pup. This doggie is so realistic that he responds to your commands just like a real dog would, a real dog for only £129.99.

Looking for a more interactive experience? Smyths Toys has the hottest video game console in stock: the Nintendo Wii. This family-friendly console will get you moving with its wide selection of insanely fun titles. The Wii is a bargain at only £179.99. Looking for something a little more compact? The Nintendo DS Lite is a favourite of both boys and girls and with its dual-screen touch action; anyone can get in on the game. This console comes in a host of cool colours for only £99.99.Finally, say hello to Elmo Live, the latest version of this smash-hit Sesame Street character. Elmo sings, sits and chats with your child and this truly amazing toy can be yours for only £54.99

So leap into Christmas 2008! This fine selection of toys is sure to keep the child in your life happy and smiling throughout the festive season. With a selection like this, it’s no small wonder that Smyths Toys is the leading provider of children’s entertainment throughout Ireland and the greater London area.

Plush Toy – The Issue of Pricing

One consideration that will bug you from the design process up to the selling is the issue of pricing for your plush toy. How much are you going to sell them for? Can I make large stuffed toys so they will be more expensive or should I focus on collectible ones? Most people would go into this business to earn money. There’s no doubt about that. If you have a great idea for a toy, it’s just normal for you to want to earn from it especially if you can see it as the next big thing in the industry.

Why should you consider pricing in the first place? Pricing your toy can spell failure or success for you. In most cases, you can’t price it too high or too low. If you price it too high, no one is going to buy it. Price it too low and you’ll end up with a sold out toy but no earnings from it. A very low price can even deter some people from buying as they’ll assume that it is cheaply made or unsafe. As far as pricing is concerned, you want it to be just right.

First of all, pricing doesn’t depend on the size of the toy. Some people would conclude that large plush toys are more expensive. This is not always the case. It’s true that the cost of making a large one is relatively higher than a smaller one, but if it doesn’t offer added value or anything new there’s really no market for it. You can also choose to make collectible stuffed toys. But even if it’s a collectible, you can’t really price it too high because technically, it hasn’t reached the “Beanie Baby Craze” just yet. You want a price that will encourage people to buy and collect your collectible toys.

So should you stop yourself from pricing it high? Fortunately for you, you shouldn’t. You can actually set the price high for your plush toy. But why would people buy overpriced toys? It doesn’t matter if they are very large or the next craze in collectibles. Overpriced is still overpriced. So what can you do? You can add value to the toy so that it wouldn’t be overpriced anymore. You can approach your manufacturer and ask them if they have ideas on things to add value to the toy. The important thing is whatever it is that you’re going to add, make sure that it’s a value that customers would appreciate.

Let’s say you want to sell your plush toys online. People usually search online for gifts for their loved ones. They can order a plush toy from you at a price that’s just right and they’ll take care of wrapping it and putting a gift card. However, you can offer it at a higher price and add the value of a free gift wrap and gift card for the plush toy. It’s something that will cost you about a dollar, but its value is more than that so you can price it higher.

You don’t have to sell large plush toys or collectible ones in order to get a higher price for your toys. It’s just a matter of adding value to it so that you will add something extra for your customers.

Using Plush Toys For Business Promotion

If you’re trying to think of a new way to market your business, or something more unique and creative than a simple magnet adhered to the back of your business card, you may want to consider stuffed animals. It is a customer favorite, no matter what age your audience falls into.

Plush toys aren’t just for kids-it’s hard to resist a cute, cuddly toy no matter what your age. Babies, young children, teenagers, and even older adults enjoy a sweet stuffed toy every now and then. There’s something comforting about them, and what better way to promote your business than with something your recipients will be cuddling with for years to come!

There are plenty of reasons why promoting your business with these toys is a great idea. No matter what the age of your demographic and audience, EVERYONE loves a stuffed animal! Promotional plush toys offer you an unlimited number of options for customization, and promotional stuffed animals have a lot longer presence in a house than a magnet or flimsy plastic pen.

Consider your marketing budget when you are deciding on a promotional product for your company. If you have a smaller, tighter budget to work with, consider smaller plush toys, like beanbag animals or the like, to make sure that you still get your point across with something cute and cuddly. If you plan on using the plush toys for promotional activities like fundraisers, or as prizes at a town carnival, you may want to opt for a smaller batch of larger stuffed animals.

With plush toys, you can have your company name, logo or a message on the toy. For example, you can order teddy bears with little t-shirts with your logo printed on them. Whatever you decide on, you can customize them in many more ways than just one. Your options are pretty limitless, especially since certain companies will also create mascots and plush toys from your own creative ideas. You are definitely not limited when it comes to options available when ordering your company’s plush toys for promotion.

Just remember to keep your eye on the prize-whatever investment you are making into creating these promotional plush toys, make sure that you are bound to get a return with extra customers or clients utilizing your company or services. If you invest the money with no return, you’ll want to reevaluate your business’s marketing plan and decide if trade shows are even a good idea for your company to participate in. You want to make sure that you get a great return on your initial investment.

However, when you deal with stuffed animals, chances are it’ll be sitting on a shelf in someone’s office or cuddled with at night by a little one. Because no one can resist the adorable stuffed animal, and if you play your cards right, you may get some customers who are interested in your company after seeing your logo on their niece or nephew’s favorite teddy bear!