How to Make the Best Out of Toy Fair With Public Relations

Toy Fair 2010 is just a month away. For many it can be a make or break proposition. Competition for that one lucky break to put your toy or game on that map is stiff. Not only are you competing against hundreds of others who are seeking that same lucky break, you are also competing against the major players in the toy industry such as Mattel and Hasbro. What then can you do to ensure that the show is a success for you and that you get the coverage essential for success and what are some pitfalls to avoid? The answer is to have a strategic public relations and marketing campaign just for Toy Fair like you do for your business year round.

The first mistake that many make at Toy Fair is not being ready for the demands that the media may make on you such as not having a press kit readily available. Many in the media will not even consider covering a company unless it has a press kit. Ideally an attendee for the show should send out their press kit to media covering Toy Fair months if not weeks ahead of time. Secondly send out a press kit to your local news media. Even though your local media may not be covering Toy Fair, the fact that you are exhibiting at Toy Fair is news and by notifying your local media might result in a news story about you that builds your media portfolio and reaches potential customers. Don’t put all of your press kits in the tradeshow media room. Many times a reporter will be walking the show and see an exhibit that interests them and ask for a press kit then and there. If you don’t have a press kit readily available it could result in a lost media opportunity. In your press kit you should include company information, sales sheets, recent press releases and media coverage, biographies of key personnel, high quality photos of your key personnel and product, and frequently asked questions and answers that the media might have about your game or toy. Also make sure that your press kit is available electronically.

All media at Toy Fair is important. Many exhibitors think that only the major media is important at the show. I have seen exhibitors basically snub a reporter from a local New York affiliate and say that they are only available for the networks or major dailies. Maybe that lightening will strike but chances are that it won’t. Many exhibitors think only the major media will ensure that they have success. That is not true. I have seen one small company get a major contract based on a radio interview that they did and a key store buyer happened to be listening to the radio while their network appearances did not garner any major sales. If you are small or new company at Toy Fair much of the media coverage you get is for branding purposes remember that. For strategic public relations to be effective requires that a company build a media portfolio that builds brand recognition. Use all media opportunities to help leverage your marketing. Also some of the major media will only cover a company if it has already smaller media coverage. While not impossible for a first time exhibitor to get major coverage at Toy Fair, the odd are daunting. Just as in sales, go after the low hanging fruit first.

Many exhibitors travel to New York for Toy Fair and then spend a few days either before the show or after the show enjoying all that the Big Apple has to offer. These vacation days can also be turned into potential meetings with the media. Many people overlook that they are in New York City, the media capital of the nation. They assume the only chance to reach the media will be at the show. Not true. Contact some key media that you are interested in meeting with and see if you can schedule a short meeting with them at their office to introduce yourself and your company. Very often the media will agree to a short meeting at their office and may have not even be covering Toy Fair.

Finally utilize social media at Toy Fair – particularly Twitter and Facebook. Twitter what you are doing and what is happening around you at the show. This is a great time opportunity to build your following on Twitter and reach consumers and even media. Consumer polls show that many companies show a dramatic uptick in followers when tweeting from trade shows. Remember there will be periods of down time during the show – utilize it. During the night and slow times update your Facebook page on what is happening and show the energy you are bringing to the show. Believe it or not media covering Toy Fair will actually take time to look at this and often do searches the night before going to the show and determine based upon Facebook searches who they intend to stop by and meet. That is why it’s so important to be static during the show.

Toy Fair is an opportunity to build brand identification and reach a mass audience. Like anything in business, a strategic plan and approach is critical to success. Reaching buyers and building name identification should be the key objective of your publicity and marketing plan for Toy Fair.

Buying Dog Toys – Not As Easy As You Think!

Buying toys for our pets is not an easy job. You might think that buying one and giving it to your pet is all that you have to do, but that’s not all! You have to be very careful about the toys you are buying because you don’t want your dear pet to chew on just anything! Toys made of low quality plastic are of great danger to your dog’s teeth and gums. Not only can their gums get damaged, they might even ingest some of the plastic while eating and that can prove to be fatal!

The best way to deal with all this is to buy dog toys online which fulfill the following conditions:

  • Is the toy so big that it cannot be swallowed by your dog? If yes, then buy it! Your dog will never be able to ingest any part of the toy so it is completely safe.
  • Is the toy made of material which can be chewed off into pieces? If yes, then don’t buy it under any circumstances.
  • Is the toy a stuffed toy? Does it come with a “machine washable” tag? If yes, then buy it for your dog. He or she will carry it around at all times and never part with it. Dogs and their soft toys can make for great love stories!
  • Is the toy a hard ball which bounces irregularly? If yes, then please buy it as your dog will have to keep guessing where the toy is going and that will keep him/her busy.

Other than all the things listed above, there are also other things which you need to keep in mind while buying toys for your dog.

  • A tennis ball and a flying disc are must-have toys for any dog. Buy them in multiple quantities.
  • Thick toys made of rubber are a great choice because they can be chewed on, rolled on and also thrown like a ball! They are like a 3-in-1 toy!
  • Squeaky toys are a favourite of dogs because of the sounds they make. However, while buying a squeaky toy, please check that the squeaker is placed well inside the toy and won’t come off as soon as your dog starts playing with it. Most dogs try to pull out the squeaker from inside the toy and that is why you need to check that before buying. A squeaky toy should be replaced as soon as the squeaker comes out.

Anatex Toys – Good Quality Makes it Best Classic Toys Winner

Toys play an important part of child’s development. A kid may even consider anything to be a plaything. He may pick up a certain household item and “fly” it through the air as to pretend that it is an airplane. Toys may keep children busy for hours. It helps in developing cognitive behavior and can stimulate creativity. It also help in developing the physical and mental skills which are necessary in later life. Choosing the right one for your kids may somewhat be complicated. Better choose toys that are suitable to your kid’s age and abilities. It would be much wiser to choose a toy that does not only offer enjoyment but also education.

Anatex has been known as the manufacturer of Anatex toys. These are known for their quality and education. These Anatex toys are not just ordinary toys. They are fun educational toys for children. Anatex kept children entertained for hours and hours while learning some patterns, colors, shapes, math, and physics. It makes learning fun while playing.

Anatex manufactures different kinds of educational toys. They have waiting room, classic and games, and rollercoaster toys. They also have a pretend play and furniture and great activity tables. Anatex also has other fun decorations to help set up a child’s playroom fitting to your child’s personality. Among the wide choices of Anatex toys, the rollercoaster bead maze was the famous. It was even awarded as Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Winner.

Anatex toys are commonly found on doctor’s offices around the world. Waiting rooms of most pediatric doctors have toys that would keep a child busy, at the same time offering a little education. It is still advisable for parents to supervise their kids at any play area or waiting room while they are playing. Most waiting rooms would have Anatex waiting room toys. These Anatex waiting room toys are guaranteed to keep kids busy. Anatex waiting toys are made of quality and are made to last for a long time.

These Anatex toys are not only suitable for waiting rooms. Parents have the option to purchase Anatex toys for their little ones. Having any of the Anatex toys placed in their play rooms or even in their bedrooms, would make kids happy to have it at hand and an educational toy at that.

Any toy can bring smile on any kid’s face – be it made of good quality or not. As long as he sees some toys he would want it. A kid would even be happier if a parent would let him choose what he wants. Better choose education toys that are made of good quality and are not harmful to kids. Choose a thing that does not only offer enjoyment but also education. Choose this branded ones and your kids will surely love and enjoy it.

Why make playtime different from learning time, when you can do both? Make playtime a learning time for kids. Have any of those Anatex toys!