Promotional Games and Toys, Fun For Every Occasion

Everyone will jump at the opportunity to receive fun promotional games and toys. That’s why you should consider using promo games and toys for all occasions. While many promotional products are reserved for specific themes and occasions, promotional games and toys can be used for any upcoming events. To help you explore the possibilities, we’ve complied the best promotional games and customized toys into different event categories.

Special Events

Add tons of fun to your next birthday party, company anniversary or school reunion with great promotional games and toys. Have your decorations personalized for the big day with custom balloons and send attendees home with great party favors like promotional crayons. The birthday girl or boy will feel special when you have custom stuffed animals imprinted with their name for a special touch to any goodie bag. Co-workers will find that they have more in common with each other when presented with challenging promotional playing cards and poker sets. Old friends can reminisce at high school reunions and bring home personalized games with their school’s name to add to their memorabilia and play with daily.

Sporting Events

While personalized games and toys are great for all occasions, they are a real crowd pleaser at sporting events. Your school’s mascot imprinted on custom beach balls will help build school spirit while they’re hit in the air above the bleachers. Likewise, custom noise makers will help to pump up crowds before and during sports events. Everyone can picture that guy screaming into a custom megaphone and taunting the opposing team. So why not have your company’s name imprinted on that very megaphone? You’ll get mounds of exposure on the field and off.


For another means of great company notability, bring these promotional games and toys to your next tradeshow. You’ll attract passersby to your station with custom bubbles and keep them there with your great sales team. Break from the ordinary and get your esteemed business’ name imprinted on custom toys for a lasting impression that will delight and serve recipients. By choosing effective tradeshow giveaways your business will make great strides while proving to its clients and customers that it cares.

Corporate Gifts

One more way to show what a caring company you run is to have promo games and toys imprinted for employee appreciation gifts. Year round your staff works to help your company profit as much as possible. For all of their efforts and for a much needed thank you, it’s important to reward them with a fun and useful gift. Great desk top items include custom walking winders and personalized executive games. When employees are finding work extra long and stressful, these items can serve as functional pick-me-ups. Not to mention, it’s always fun to challenge yourself to a promotional puzzle.

Regardless of the occasion, you can always trust promotional games and toys to satisfy your recipient’s needs. A fun and functional promotional item will be appreciated by all recipients and will promote your awesome company’s name. So next time you need an eye catching and crowd pleasing item, choose from the selection of promotional games and toys.

Why the Toysmith Busy Zoo Activity Center Is a Great Christmas Present!

The Toysmith Busy Zoo Activity Center is a great educational toy for your 1+ year old child. The Busy Zoo Activity Center is always a popular toy at Christmas and this year will be no different. The Activity Center is a great present for all young children. All parents want the best for their child. This toy is both fun and educational. This article review the toy in depth and provide you with an unbiased vies of this toy.

The Busy Zoo Activity Center has 5 sides of fun and learning. The top has colorful wooden balls looped through a number of colorful figured wire loops. Your child is able to move the blocks from one side to another. There are also several pictures of animals placed onto wooden blocks that can also be moved along tracks built into the top of the unit.

Another side has a series of 4 brightly painted wood doors. On each door is the coat pattern of a particular animal coat design, such as a zebra. When the child opens the door, there is a name of the animal as well as a picture of what the animal looks like. This approach is great for teaching your child what an animal looks like, how to spell its name and what characteristic feature its coat has.

Another side of the center also has a series of painted wooden blocks. This time however, each block has an individual letter of the alphabet. An example picture of the object or animal that starts with that letter is also shown. As with the previous side with the 4 doors, your child will quickly learn how to spell the name of the object or animal as well as learn what it looks like.

The third side has a window with some 4 sided blocks. Each block has an animal painted onto it. By turning the blocks around your child can learn what the correct combination is for the particular animal, such as a lion etc. Also, they can use their imagination to create a new hybrid animal by moving the blocks more randomly.

The last side of the Busy Zoo Activity Center has 3 colorful painted knobs which are linked to a vertical track. The knobs have a picture of a snail, gorilla or elephant painted onto them. Your child can have fun moving them up and down as well as twisting them around.

So what are the main benefits of the Busy Zoo Activity Center
One of the major benefits to your child is that they can learn at the same time as having fun. Each side of the Busy Zoo Activity Center provides a new and exciting way to stimulate your child’s imagination. Each side is also highly interactive making use of pictures of animals, words and bright colors. So your child can learn about colors, shapes, patterns, animals, spelling and combination. Above all they will have lots of fun at the same time.

In summary, in my opinion the Busy Zoo Activity Center is a great educational and fun toy for very young children. This is a toy that my young daughter absolutely loves and it has also helped with her learning. The other thing that impresses me about this toy is the quality. All of the pieces are well made, the finish of the paint and the images are all very good and the general construction is solid and importantly there are no sharp edge or corners.

Timeless Value for Antique Cast Iron Toys

In this generation where gaming is defined with electronic stuff like Wii, PSP, or iPad antique cast iron toys helps us look back what it’s like back then. These collectors’ items are tested through time. Items that are considered antiques are those that are manufactured during World War II or at least 50 years back.

Curiosity is one of the reasons why numerous people are collecting stuff from the past. Sometimes it’s the way the antique cast iron collections look like. Most of them look like the way transportation look like in the past or furniture that they used. Many are also curios of the story the toy could tell. The collectors’ items tell a story of the life they lived. Since most antique collectors’ items are collected from different parts of the world each one also brings a story of the way of life they have in that region for a certain period of time. Since this is from 50-100 years these antique toys are mostly transportations of war and high ranking officials.

When collecting you should consider the age, where it come from, and should be tested whether it’s genuinely from the past. Antique cast iron toys could also be faked. You don’t want to pay enormous amount for something that’s not real. Experts could identify which one is an authentic product.

Antique cast iron toys are also educational. Since these toys tell of a story of life in the past having this as an illustration on how life is during the war makes it more alive. How people from different regions transport products or how cars and other means transportation look like is usually how these toys would look like. Great for illustrating historical life in places we have not been to.

The market for antique toys is increasing in its popularity. Both in the private sectors and auctions sales it is a growing industry. Even private collectors are also selling antique items in exchange of higher value cast iron toys. Several online stores are even selling antique items. With the raising popularity of this business, collectors would also be extra careful especially with the fake ones.

Greatest value for antique cast iron toys comes in few forms. Mostly the value of the toys in terms of price comes with the quality of the item. Since this has passed quiet an amount of time this means wear and tear of your item should be taken note. Best value comes from automotive stuff. This is maybe because of the few animated stuff that comes with it. Some antique toys comes with parts that could be move on certain direction. For cars and horse carriage you will find best value when wheels still turns or the door could still open. This only means that the piece is still in good condition. Horse-drawn and irons automotive are the few things collectors have an eye on.

Antique cast iron toys’ value is not only determined through time but its usefulness in this generation, where we tend to forget the past because of the convenience and sophistication brought by the future. On the other hand, antique cast iron toys bring us back to where we have been and how our fathers enjoyed them before.