Margaret Evans Price: The Woman Behind the Push-Pull Toys

When it comes to toys, we know that Fisher-Price Toys has been producing some of the most loved toys since 1930. I’m sure that a great percentage of us have owned at least a toy manufactured by them. What we don’t know is behind the toys is the imagination of a woman who was inspired by her own books – Margaret Evans Price. She is one of the few women who have made a dent in the toy designing industry. Who can forget the classic metal pull-push toys that were based on her books?

She was born on March 20, 1888 and she died on November 20, 1973. She lived a comfortable life with her family in New York who was very successful in business and in politics. But what helped her succeed as a toy designer? It’s her experience with writing and illustrating children’s books. Before she became the Art Director of the well-loved toy company, she was a writer and illustrator of children’s books. Among her well-loved titles are The Night Before Christmas, Hansel and Gretel and The Baby in the Manger. So what made her transition to be the Art Director of Fisher-Price Toys easy? There’s no question that books and toys go well together. She didn’t really need to change her mindset because they both help in the development of children. Margaret Evans Price has the imagination and creativity to write and illustrate books for children and the transition to designing toys were easy. She just had to use her passion for helping in the development of children and channel it to creating toys for Fisher-Price Toys. Her illustrations are very popular up to this day and she just had to channel her talent to a different industry.

Toy designing can be intimidating for some of us. But if you have the experience with child development like her, it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with books and toys. If you’re a nurse, teacher, doctor or a professional that deals with children, the transition will be easy. While it’s true that Margaret Evans Price started young when she got her first break in the children’s book industry in 1900, you can never be too old to be in the books and toys industry.

So have you written or illustrated a Children’s book? Why not go into toy designing? Ask yourself why you wanted to go into writing children’s books in the first place. I’m sure that one of the reasons is you love kids and you want to take part in their development. Take a few minutes and think of possible toy designs with the help of your experience as a writer and illustrator. That’s all you need – a few minutes.

Kids need more women like Margaret Evans Price. She, with the help of Fisher-Price Toys, helped develop children into good kids with books and toys. If you have the experience, use it to think of an idea for a toy and turn it into the next big thing. Kids will thank you for it.

Top Dog Toys – Ten Dog Toys Your Dog Must Have

We priced this list of dog toys at around $90 from online dog toy stores. You can modify this list to fit your dog size and age. Remember a dog should have a variety of textures and sounds in their toy box. Please give your dog new toys when you have the time to observe them with their toys. Make sure that your dog’s toys are safe for their playing style. Happy dog toy shopping.

When asked what are the MUST HAVE toys a dog should have, we answer that it all depends. Dogs come in all sizes and with different playing styles, so we cannot to come up with one-size-fits-all list. However, recently a customer said that they were getting a 2 year old, medium size rescue dog. They had no idea of its background or if have ever had any dog toys. This is the MUST HAVE dog toy list for that medium size dog.

Every dog should have a Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat. This space ship shaped dog treat dispenser twists to make the treat openings larger or smaller. Therefore, you can use a variety of spreadable and dry treats in this dispenser. This interactive dog toy is easy to wash and keep clean because it twists apart. If you find out your dog does not care for treats this makes a fun bouncing spinning dog toy. For medium size dogs, we recommend a medium size Twist and Treat by Premier Pet Products.

Rope toys are versatile and tough. We recommend a large 5-knot dog rope toy, 36 inches long and about 1.25 inches thick. This is a great tug rope, shake rope, and chew rope. Please buy American made white ropes, we like Pearson Industries ropes. Then you do not have to worry about dye chemicals. Watch your dog with this rope; if it pulls threads out of the fringe take it away, or you can try cutting off the fringe.

Now for dog balls, almost every dog loves balls. We suggest the 6-inch Bounce n Play Jolly Ball by Jolly Pets. This ball will not deflate when your dog punctures it with their teeth. This is a great size for chasing. Additionally, get a package of Kyjen IQube replacement balls. These soft balls are tennis ball size and have a squeaker in the middle. They are great for fetch and catch games both inside and outside.

Ty Bow Wow Beanies are quality crinkle toys at a great price. We love them all but, we suggest the Lizzy Lizard. According to customers, this toy is the toughest dog toy they have found.

Giggle Stick dog toys make sounds that many dogs love. Betsy advises the Giggling Flamingo; however, we suggest The Chuckle by Busy Buddy. Rubber surrounds this giggle stick, and so it is an extra durable dog toy. Because we do not know this dog’s destruction style, it is best to find toys that are likely to last.

Grunters are great deep noisemakers. Your dog is sure to love Kyjen Pet Product’s Furry Marmot. This super furry toy has a protected grunter in its body and a long tail. If your dog loves to shake its toys, it will love that long tail.

How can we pick just one talking-real-sound dog toy? There are so many great ones. Norman, The Sound Loving Dog decided on the Look Who’s Talking Loofa Chimp by Multipet. This toy has a screaming Chimp sound and a cawer squeaker too…so it has two great sounds in one toy.

We love Dr Noys’ Dog Toys by Kong. These plush dog toys have little or no stuffing, plus they have replaceable squeakers. They even come with extra squeakers. We love them all but are suggesting the Extra Long Snake. This snake is great for tugging, shaking, and squeaking.

Puzzle toys keep dogs busy and are a great way to bond with your dog. The Hide A Squirrel by Kyjen Pet Products is the most popular of these dog toys. The Hide A Squirrel is a plush stump with 3 little squirrels that fit in the holes in the stump. You put them in and your dog takes them out. The little squirrels are favorite toys of many dogs because they have a squeaker in the middle and are easy to carry around and squeak.

What You Need To Know About Remote Control Toys

Owning A Remote Control Vehicle

This is a great way for you to bond with your children or friends as this type of toy will keep you all busy for hours. You can all become involved by designing courses and tracks to race your buggys on. It will surprise you how competitive everyone becomes and the need to race each other will become serious business. You can race for fun or competitively when you become better with your remote control toy. There are many different groups and events that you can attend when you begin to get better. This is also a great way to meet other remote control enthusiasts who can give you help and advice.

When deciding to buy a remote control toy there are many different things to consider as you will want to involve everyone. If you are water lovers than a remote control boat may be better suited to you rather than a land toy. If you like the idea of flying something around, then a remote control helicopter will be ideal for you and your family. The summer months are more suited to flying toys as more people are out and about enjoying the weather. You can also see clearer in the summer months making the flying conditions more suited to helicopters and planes.

As with all of the toys there are several different varieties of helicopters and planes to choose from and which one you purchase will be your decision. Although when first starting out you should try to purchase one that is robust and can take crashing. It would be great if you didn’t bang and crash the toys but unfortunately when first starting out there will be accidents. There is a vast range of helicopters, some are great for beginners and others are suited to more advanced fliers. You will need to consider how far you want to fly and in what condition, also your skill level. Electric helicopters are suited to beginners as they are cheaper and easier to fly than gas powered ones.

Electric powered helicopters are less noisy and smell better as gas ones tend to chuck out a great deal of smell. Gas ones are more expensive and you will need to have some knowledge of what you are doing if you want to operate one of these. This style of flying toy will need to be regularly maintained and serviced which can be costly and complicated. You can always strive to purchase one of these helicopters when you become more experienced. In the beginning though you will want a remote control toy that you can practice with and master how to control it.

Land remote control toys are the most popular to purchase as everyone loves seeing them race and all ages can get involved. There are very basic models of buggies for younger children to have a go with before they progress to more complicated versions. Children usually love the look of the Monster trucks which do look impressive when being driven. They also cause a great deal of amusement as they can travel over all terrains and are very sturdy and robust. Even with their size they can often perform tricks which can keep you and your children amused for hours trying to achieve these.

This style of remote control buggies can often be driven in the wet which makes them ideal for off road races and courses. It is far funnier to see the trucks racing in the mud and puddles and finding out how far you can in fact push them. If you don’t fancy getting dirty then you can road race as well, there are many different remote control toys that look great and race on the flat roads. Often you can find these models branded to your child’s favorite character such as Barbie or Ferrari. You will be able to achieve some great speeds with this style of remote control cars. These are the best style for road racing and you will be amazed how fast they can in fact go.

Deciding how much you want to spend on your remote control toy will be the first thing you need to decide. There are many elaborate high tech toys on the market, these are more expensive to purchase and you might want to buy a cheaper version in the beginning. If you continue with the remote control toys then you can always upgrade and buy better buggies and helicopters as you feel you can afford them. Researching is very important as you want to ensure that you buy the correct style to suit your needs or it could work out very expensive.

You can purchase remote control toys in many toy stores and online, there will be a vast range available for you to choose from. If you want more choice or a certain type of remote control toy then you can join one of the many clubs. This will enable you to ask their advice and guidance when it comes to which toy will suit what you are looking for. You will find that once you begin to purchase different remote control toys then you will get hooked. You will want to be out racing other toys and getting better results every day. Something so simple can be an ideal way to get all of the family out of the house and having fun.